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Should we mock and deride people who lie about climate change? Yes, according to a recent op-ed in the Washington Post. At the very least it’s time to stop listening to people who deny reality. The rationale for denying deniers is that they are legitimate threats to our wellbeing. It’s time we get to improving our world instead of listening to people who are trying to hold us back.

In both the Cold War and the debate over climate change, ideology has won out over empirical reality, and those opposed to spending any time or money on either problem have preferred to wish it away rather than engage in good-faith arguments that entail policy trade-offs. Deniers have disqualified themselves from holding power since willful blindness puts Americans at risk, and their propensity to disregard reality makes one question both their judgment and honesty.

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We can Stop Climate Change Just by Ending Fossil Fuel Usage https://www.google.com//11e/2019/01/22/we-can-stop-climate-change-just-by-ending-fossil-fuel-usage/ /11e/2019/01/22/we-can-stop-climate-change-just-by-ending-fossil-fuel-usage/#respond Tue, 22 Jan 2019 13:18:09 +0000 /11e/?p=6363 Read more »]]> wind turbine It seems that every month we’re confronted with another study pointing out that climate change is happening faster and worse than projected. This constant news cycle can make people tone it out and ignore the defining issue of our day. Thankfully, we also get tons of suggestions to stop climate change. Today I share with you the simplest way to stop climate change: end fossil fuel use. We have the technology and we have the knowledge. All we need to do to avert a global catastrophe is stop burning dead dinosaur juice.

The study,?published in the journal Nature Communications, used computer models to estimate by how much global temperatures would rise if a fossil fuel infrastructure phaseout began immediately. The lifespan for power plants was set at 40 years, cars an average of 15 years and planes 26 years. The work also assumes a rapid end to beef and dairy consumption, which is responsible for significant global emissions.

In this scenario, the models suggest carbon emissions would decline to zero over the next four decades and there would be a 66% chance of the global temperature rise remaining below 1.5C. If the phaseout does not begin until 2030, the chance is 33%.

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Reviving the “Dinosaur of Trees” https://www.google.com//11e/2019/01/21/reviving-the-dinosaur-of-trees/ /11e/2019/01/21/reviving-the-dinosaur-of-trees/#respond Mon, 21 Jan 2019 12:38:43 +0000 /11e/?p=6358 Read more »]]> lab

Giant redwood trees are beautiful to look at and are great for the environment. We need them now more than ever before. The redwoods filter air, water while also removing tons of carbon due to their sheer size. These trees are so precious that scientists are trying to revive an ancestor of the modern redwoods.

Using saplings made from the basal sprouts of these super trees to plant new groves in temperate countries around the world means the growths have a better chance than most to become giants themselves. Their ancestors grew up to 400 ft (122 m) tall and to 35 ft in diameter, after all, larger than the largest living redwood today,?online sports casinosa giant sequoia?in California¡¯s Sequoia National Park.
Already, super saplings from the project are thriving in groves in Canada, England, Wales, France, New Zealand, and Australia. None of these locales are places where coastal redwoods grow naturally, but they all have cool temperatures and sufficient fog for the redwoods, which?drink moisture from the air?in summer rather than relying on rain. Milarch calls this ¡°assisted migration.¡±

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GDPR Forces NYT to Serve Better Ads https://www.google.com//11e/2019/01/17/gdpr-forces-nyt-to-serve-better-ads/ /11e/2019/01/17/gdpr-forces-nyt-to-serve-better-ads/#respond Thu, 17 Jan 2019 14:02:05 +0000 /11e/?p=6356 Read more »]]> money

Online media companies were forced to rethink their advertiser policies last year because of the introduction of the online sports casinos. The New York Times decided to stop using ad services that tracked you across the web; exactly what the GDPR was designed to do. Most people claimed that because marketers can’t spy on you that media companies like the NYT will fail. The opposite has been proven true, revenues from advertising are up due to the fact that the NYT no longer uses these sketchy advertising services.

¡°The fact that we are no longer offering behavioral targeting options in Europe does not seem to be in the way of what advertisers want to do with us,¡± he said. ¡°The desirability of a brand may be stronger than the targeting capabilities. We have not been impacted from a revenue standpoint, and, on the contrary, our digital advertising business continues to grow nicely.¡±

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